The MV Francois Forester is a 220 foot roll-on/roll-off, double-ended ferry.  It is capable of carrying 8 loaded logging trucks and 20 cars at one time and has been in service since November 2004.  It operates on Francois Lake, BC, connecting the community known as the Southside to the Northside of Francois Lake and it's neighboring communities.  The closest town, with a population of approximately 2,500 (including the closest rural communities), is Burns Lake, which is about 2.5 hours West of Prince George, in Northern BC.

The Forester was built to replace the aging Omineca Princess which was built in 1976 and in operation for 28 years.  It was capable of carrying 34 cars, 200 passengers and made 22 rounds trips each day until it was replaced by the Forester.  The Princess is scheduled for demolition in the Spring of 2024.